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The anime series Blood + is set in a world where mankind has taken up the fight against evil creatures of darkness. Specifically, the organization Red Shield is the so-called Chiropterans in the way. It is vampire monsters that feed via human blood and have thus become the deadly enemy of the human species.    The story focuses particular attention to the fate of the student Saya Otonashi, who suffers from amnesia and therefore can not recall events that took place more than a year. As she sets out one evening on the way home, Saya is attacked by one of Chiropterans. At the last moment, however, a mysterious man who gives her a very special sword appears. As it turns out, holds Saya, who harbors a dark secret, those Hiebwaffe not for the first time in his hands.    Main characters of Blood + Saya Otonashi is really not a man, but was born in 1833 along with her sister Diva in a cocoon. In the care of Joel Goldschmidt is nevertheless grew up with the belief that he is a normal person.    Hagi came in 1870 in Sayas life and to protect them in his capacity as Chevalier. Accordingly, he become over time a loyal companion, even if he himself can not be sure about what forces Saya really has. (MH)

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