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Original Title: Blood+
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: TBS
Creators: Nanase Ohkawa
Description: When our heroes first left the sewer, to serve them native home, that they could not imagine how radically change their fate. But, once on the surface, a team of four brave mutants immediately attracted public attention. For many months, friends have to prove to people that they are not dangerous, and turned positive. In the end, it turned into a success - the boys even found a friend and faithful companion April, which is saved in the first season, from certain death ... But everything that happened with the characters before - little things, compared with the latest developments. Thanks to his cunning, Schroeder was able not only to kill Splinter, but also to blow up the planet. Not wanting such a tragic ending for either themselves or for humanity, heroes team together since April decides to go into the past. This is the only chance to save the Earth and all its inhabitants, including Splinter! But whether cope with such a difficult task bug? Do not worsen the situation of his intervention?

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