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Original Title: Brideshead Revisited
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ITV
Language: English
Description: 22 Sep 2014 he released the first series of the TV series "Gotham", it was really worthy, so worthy that even in our country, the series has received considerable popularity. Every episode and I, and millions of other fans of the series about the youth of Gotham waited impatiently. Here was all: the, action, the atmosphere, the plot and characters. After that, in 2015, DC Comics and Fox introduced the audience to season 2, which ... well, good, but when it starts any nonsense from superpower sect which a hundred years ago had an argument with Wayne native or white guy black sister, that is not myself. And only out of respect for the previous season you continue to watch, in parallel looking for at least some logical explanation of what is happening in the hope that it will be better. But no, better not does the 2 swarm season gets mixed reviews. What happened in the third season? All the same, that was in the second, however multiplied ... no, not two, three, maybe four times. Rather, it will be not a review, and a description of the largest of silly things that managed to show season 3. To begin with, I've always wondered where Gotham would have to be to be so isolated from society. There has never been mention of any belonging to a particular state, the location of the city. It's like the Vatican, only there are more people and the area is a little wider. In fact, if the real world in any city in the US has created such an Orgy, unless the state would not help her to stop? Moreover, there is a unique mutants, a phenomenon of nature and supernatural beings After Gotham started wandering monsters from the labs of Hugo Strange, on the streets real chaos began. Okay, people were desperate and scared. But, not as much to collect the uprising with pitchforks and torches, hosted by one of the most notorious criminals and corrupt officials of the city of Colpoda Oswald (aka the Penguin). People went out to kill mutants on the street as they would in the middle ages to burn witches, and I will remind you that the events of the series unfold in the late twentieth century.People do not care about their families, lives, they do not care at all, just to cut all the monsters, and those monsters, in fact, need help, because they are not to blame for what they did. Some time after the destruction of monsters, the same Oswald Callput ran for mayor, and ... become mayor. So, he became the mayor in spite of the fact that on his conscience murders of hundreds, and maybe thousands of people. Now a little about the bloopers of a more technical nature. When Alice Thatch dies, she breaks through the wall and falls on a sharp stake, but when she falls there on one side, she gets stuck, as if falling from the other. Remember would also be a Grand and incredible transformation of Pamela ivy (poison Ivy) with a little girl in a 30-year-old woman after swimming in sewage water. How? In the water got a mysterious family with a secret laboratory, in ivy's reaction to water mom's influence? We, like many others will never know. Also, the suspect repeatedly called Selina Kyle, who despite his youthful age of more than a dozen times was rescued from the most critical situations. At first you think: "well OK, lucky her, lucky", but somewhere for the fifth time it is difficult to believe in such luck. Edward Nigma falls in love with a girl Isabella, which on the face of one to one with miss Kringle, latest Edward accidentally crushed in the midst of family quarrels. After the Penguin jealousy eating Isabella, Isabella dies in a car accident, a trick of the Penguins. Incredibly smart Edward Nygma despite the fact that previously instantly solved the most complex problems of this type, comes to the conclusion that Isabella killed Butch. But the whole picture immediately is Barbara Kean, and that's what the hint helps Nigma to find the real killer. Isn't that amazing? Captain Barnes is infected with Alice Thatch's blood, and who would have thought how. He gets right over the iron pipe where some remained only one drop of blood of the girl, and when he turns his head up and drop off from the pipe directly into his eyes. Wow,what a coincidence! In one episode there is even a sect of assassins originally from Ukraine. Interestingly, something like this in Ukraine were black men, and even named Dmitri? Perhaps not sweet. And yet he fully mouth encased in metal beak that does not give him the right to speak, while it does not reach trust, and he will not become a full member of the sect. If that beak is really made of iron, then Vasily Virastyuk could not normally work with his head, not to mention the fights and maneuvers that Dmitry easily does, as on his head is not iron, but plasticine. There is no need for any more arguments and evidence, "Gotham" is now clearly one of the worst American series, and I still can not understand how for some two years it was possible to fall so low. Rating: 410 (this is for the fact that the atmosphere is at least left)

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