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Original Title: Burn Notice
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: USA Network
Creators: Matt Nix
Language: English
Description: The main characters of the American sitcom 'Friends' Season 1 - young, beautiful and successful in its own way. In the first episode of this season, Phoebe, Monica, Ross, Chandler and Joey are found in your favorite cafe for groups - Central Perk. Ross tells friends that he was forced to divorce his wife because she was a lesbian. A close friend of Monica, Rachel decides to escape from his own wedding and settled in Monica's apartment and finds a job as a waitress in a bar. Ross familiar with Rachel since school times in college, and, despite years of separation, understand that there is still partial to the charming brunette. Ross share it with Chandler, but that due to the negligence tells about the feelings of a friend of Rachel. Ross will travel to China, Rachel decides to catch up with him, to say that she, too, feels for his romantic feelings, but at the airport meets Ross the company of a stranger.

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