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Original Title: Caïn
  • Genres:
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Channel: France 2
Creators: Alexis Le Sec,Bertrand Arthuys
Description: This episode of the first season which will consist of twelve episodes is the anime adaptation of the manga of the same name, which came up with Moritaka Yuji and illustrated by Adachi Keiji. Its film adaptation is engaged in the company Kodansha, and speech in the anime "Money field " will be about baseball. Who would have thought that this sport in Japan is one of the most popular! After all, any of us at the mention of the land of the Rising sun in the context of sports, first of all, associations with sumo, Kendo, karate or judo will emerge. But note, that most in our consciousness "Japanese " sumo on popularity and Japanese fans is worth only on third place after football. And the first is just baseball! And it shows how much the Western world affects the consciousness of people even in such a traditional country as Japan. And most of their free time, the Japanese spend either playing this game themselves or watching their favorite teams. It turns out that the history of this game in Japan has almost one hundred and fifty years. It got there, of course, from America, when in 1873 it was brought by students from the States. Very quickly, the interest has spread across the country, a boom which peaked in the 19th century, but the incredible prevalence led to the establishment of a professional national League, it happened in 1936. Playing in a professional League is a very prestigious occupation. Their country has two Central and Pacific, each of which consists of six teams. And every year since April, Japan hosts the national baseball championship, which ends in October. The level of games and players is very high, and Japanese baseball players are highly regarded on a global level. Many of them play even in American teams. Every year, a huge number of citizens attend Japanese baseball competitions, and about 22 million fans pass through the stadiums. National League matches are broadcast live and the matches are repeated in the primetime three or four days a week from 19-00 to 21-00. Even tickets to the matches can get sometimes problematic in view of the large demand for them. Watch the game is best of all from the sector, which is located near the field. And although there tickets one and a half times more expensive than usual, it justifies itself, because there is going to very exciting the audience, ready to support their team with shouts and merry songs and universal rejoicing. Developed and Amateur, especially student baseball, the six largest universities have very strong teams that compete in the all-tournament Universities. Each institution, school, facility or company is required to create a team. it is Not surprising that the creators of the anime pay attention to this beloved subject.the story of the anime "Cash box ": the plot revolves around the life and concerns of twenty-six young pitcher by the name of Matsunosuke bond, who plays for the Tokyo baseball club. His annual income is about 140 thousand a year. And since in his environment money plays an important role for the status of the player, he goes out of his way to increase the effectiveness of his game, and therefore his income. Anime Money box season 1 all episodes free download from our website at any time of the day!

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