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Our planet is constantly under threat of destruction by some evil genius, who suddenly decided to enslave humanity, to take possession of valuable resources and make people obedient puppets, obeying any orders. Only there is always a superhero, standing up for the protection of civilians in need of help of brave rescuers. Repel the attacks of powerful villains can not afford an ordinary person. For this purpose it is necessary to have supernatural abilities, unique skills by means of which heroes skillfully destroy even the most malicious geniuses.
It is with such a brave character and introduce animated series called rescue team Captain of the Planet. The earth was again in terrible danger, and at the same time all its inhabitants. But the goddess Gay is not going to leave defenseless residents. She, using their own magic, sends out across the world of a magic ring. All of them have to get to a special rescue team consisting of brave, courageous and responsible guys. Then they will be able to combine the magical, magical power of the rings, and with it to call for help the Captain of the planet.