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Original Title: Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Creators: Satsuki Igarashi,Nanase Ohkawa,Tsubaki Nekoi,Mokona Apapa
Description: Remember all twelve labors brave hero will film "Hercules", which can be viewed online in our online movie theater. Not everyone can get into a myth, not everyone remains forever in the memory of mankind. Hercules - one of those lucky people, an illegitimate son of Zeus, a tireless hunter of the female sex. Boy from birth disliked Hera, the wife of almighty Olympian. She even tried to kill him, throwing snakes in the cradle. But Hercules was a hero since childhood, he had already distinguished by incredible power, was able to defeat the serpent and live. His own mother, is not too placed his son, left him alone, but it is only taught him self-reliance. Feats nobody come easy. Hercules is difficult to understand yourself, to understand who he is, what part of God, and what is on the person, and who is he - celestial being or a mere mortal. However, it is in one, rely firmly believe you can only on themselves and on their own strength, because their distant gods have very important things to do.

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