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Reality show "Big Brother" - a story about how a group of people living in a small confined space, and becomes just puppets in the hands of the manager - the big brother! No one had ever seen the man, no one knows what his motives and preferences. The image of the all-seeing eye conceals the main intrigue of the project. However, the main actors engaged in completely different things, and not solving a mystery unknown voice. This person distributes them to various tasks, and doing everything possible to create conflict within the team. That's how the show gets intense and interesting. The protagonists of this project - the common people, who always find a reason to quarrel, and to find the culprit. However, to be quite different things were the representatives of popular professions! In the second season of the reality "Big Brother. Celebrities" participate outstanding actors, muzykaty, showmen and just famous people who are willing to do anything to become the winners of the project. Each character thinks of himself as a star of incredible magnitude, so every time conflicts come to a whole new level! The second season promises to be even more hot and intriguing than the first! Enjoy watching!