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Prue, Piper and Phoebe-ordinary girls, which live so same normal lives. They have disagreements, but they are sisters and therefore try to forgive each other. However, soon our heroine discover a terrible secret that completely changes their lives. Girls become witches, which were almost all women in their family. Prue gains the ability of telekinesis, Piper can temporarily "freeze" time. Phoebe sees the future. They find a book that hides the answers to almost all questions. But the beauties did not long rejoice at the awakened forces, because they, like real witches, have to challenge evil and emerge victorious from the battle with death itself.

Girls have to fight demons and other creatures of the world of darkness. In their difficult task beauty helps the book of Mysteries, which describes in detail all kinds of evil, as well as told how to deal with them. Our heroines fall in love, however, rather unpleasant to find that your lover is an angel with whom you are forbidden to see... but love overcomes all obstacles, even death is beyond the control of true love. Our heroines have repeatedly proved the truth of this statement by example.

Televison show Charmed 2018 seasons available for download - 1,2,3

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