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Original Title: Childrens Hospital
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: The WB,Adult Swim
Creators: Rob Corddry,Jonathan Stern,David Wain
Language: English
Description: How often the curses that were once imposed on various places and buildings, for many years did not give rest to people, not only living in these parts, but also for any reason, find themselves here even for a short period of time. It may seem that this is just a coincidence or someone's terrible joke, but evil spirits never leave their home. They put all their anger on the people here. tell the story of a mysterious institution in which really strange things are happening, clearly not related to the category of normal phenomena. All episodes of the mysterious series, "Royal hospital " can be viewed online on our site. In various world cities and countries is a huge number of hospitals, that's just none of them has even minimal similarities with the eerie Royal hospital, which has long been strange and strange things happen. Previously, this place was occupied by the most ordinary mill. That's just a terrible fire, which is raging, led to the death of children. The same thing happened with the hospital erected these ruins. Within its walls, numerous patients were subjected to constant torture, delivering an incredible pleasure to the mad doctor. Years passed, and it was decided to build on the same site medical facility. That's just the impression that this ill-fated hospital was struck by this bad heredity, which had all the local predecessors. A number of frightening events and paranormal phenomena struck local patients and staff, who are in constant fear of strange events that occur hourly in the premises of the building. Who would have thought that this is where the mighty otherworldly forces are constantly fighting, broken by human intervention

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