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Original Title: Coast Australia
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: BBC Two
Language: English
Description: "Farscape" (English Farscape.) - Australian-American science fiction television series. The television series was filmed in Australia, with the participation of broadcasters The Jim Henson Company and Hallmark Entertainment commissioned by TV channel Sci Fi Channel. The pilot was released March 19, 1999. Astronaut and scientist John Crichton had a special spacecraft, trying to find proof of a scientific theory within the Earth's orbit. He was going to use the power of the Earth's gravity as an accelerator. If successful, the experiment could be the first step in the implementation of interstellar travel. But during the experiment, something went wrong - suddenly there was a gravitational wave, and formed out of it wormhole swallowed module. Falling into it, he flew through space and time, and found himself on the other end of the universe, in the midst of an interstellar battle fugitive prisoners of various alien races and aggressive sebatsiantsev as two drops of water similar to the people and call themselves "peacekeepers." Up to this point, Crichton did not know anything about the living prison, and suddenly found himself inside one of them, and escaped with the prisoners. Live spaceship Moya with a motley crowd on board is on the run. A tail - ruthless space fighters who hypocritically call themselves peacekeepers. Crichton was to unite representatives of different cosmic races, which will of fate were "in the same boat," and to turn this into a real gang team, the crew - Leviathan Moya. Moya has many decks and hundreds of rooms. Her only defense - the accelerator acting faster than the speed of light. He envelops Moya stardust, and it instantly moves through space, they find themselves in a different part of the universe. This is called the "star jump". And Crichton, and all of these bizarre creatures made a real cohesive team that is forced to go through many adventures on the way. Crichton immediately make enemies and acquires friends, they are the ones escaped prisoners. The entire first season Crichton does not remove the form astronaut and only does that seeking the way back to his familiar world.

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