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A British post-apocalyptic Comedy about family values and survival from Director Ben Taylor. Starring Daniel Lawrence Taylor, Esther Smith.After a terrible nuclear disaster, the population of the earth literally died out. However, a small group of survivors who gathered in a group to try to do something in this tragic situation. Many thought that this is the end of civilization, because the continuation of the human race and other beautiful legends – no more than a myth. We meet an eccentric family that is trying to survive in new conditions and organizes a real camp for the survivors, to work together to try to hold out as long as possible. Tom and Susie – young nineteen-year-old guys who dreamed of a happy future and a normal life, wanted to go to University, fall in love, have fun, as it should teenagers are in the most stupid situation. When the explosion occurred, they realized that the end was imminent and did what can only be done by young and bezbashennye guys engaged in wild sex, in the hope of finally enjoy. Unexpectedly, they survived, and it became awkward. Nine years after the explosion, they travel across the expanses of England, which has become a ruin, along with his daughter, the child of the"nuclear explosion", which was conceived on that day. Soon they stumble on the other camp, where, too, there are people. At first, the family is sincerely happy, but soon realizes that people do not always mean something good.

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