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The Australian miniseries The Code is about a cruel event that rocked the outback of Australia. In a devastating accident a girl is killed, her boyfriend just manages to escape just yet. The perpetrator was obviously aware of his act. While the girl dies, the boy rushes to his teacher - desperate and devastated. The case makes his rounds in the media and a short time later a journalist Ned Banks is confronted with the tragic event (Dan Spielman). In his hands reached a controversial video that involves nothing less than a direct recording of the actual course of the accident.    As Ned does not know exactly how to deal with the material, he turns to his brother, Jesse (Ashley Zukerman). This has distinguished himself as a hacker and knows exactly what is going on. Moreover, Ned is involved in an article that deals with the fact that the Australian Prime Minister was deliberately discredited. After a short search must Ned shocked to find that there is a connection between the two events obviously. Suddenly the Banks Brothers are in a perilous position. Last but not least come across information that complications could disclose to the highest political ranks.    Main characters of The Code    Ned Banks (Dan Spielman) is the brother of Jesse. He is a journalist by profession and is primarily concerned with today, as well as political issues. Accordingly, he gets leaked a video that certain politicians could bring to the event. Ned is unsure how to proceed with the information and therefore turns to Jesse.    Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman) is the brother of Ned. He is a hacker who is more knowledgeable on the World Wide Web than in his own pocket. Jesse is autistic predisposed. Still, he knows how to use his skills skillfully. Together with his brother, he is perfectly complemented although certain interpersonal problems still have to be clarified.    Hani Parande (Adele Perovic) is a very good friend of Jesse and shares the same passion. Hani, who actually visited as a student, the university has, therefore, also made a name for himself as a hacker. It attacks the Banks brothers actively under the hands and helps them to understand the mystery in which they have caught.    Background information on The Code    On September 21, 2014, the Australian format premiered on ABC1 (Australia Broadcasting Corportation). The code was designed as a mini-series by Shelley Birse and written. Director Shawn Seet staged all six episodes of the first season. The plot of the series is based in the fictional town Lindara. was filmed The code in Broken Hill, Silverton, New South Wales, Cockburn and South Australia. In Canberra, capital of Australia, part of the filming took place. This was mainly the Parliament House and Lake Burley Griffin and the lake served as the venue. Due to the success and the overwhelmingly positive reception the US Networks FX rights as regards a US adaptation secured. (MH)

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