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Original Title: Cold Case Files
  • Genres:
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Mystery
Channel: A&E
Language: English
Description: IX century, Scandinavia. Rocky land is unsuitable for cultivation, the population is becoming more and more difficult to feed. The only way for a real man to keep his family-to equip drakar and carry out a RAID on the richer land. Ragnar Lothbrok gets along ships to go on an aggressive campaign to the West. When a local Jarl refuses to support him with his squad, the brave Viking goes himself with the most loyal friends. Then we see how in the battles forged the glory of Ragnar, which through the Scandinavian sagas has reached our days.nnThe series shows the cruel and natural realities of those times – without reserve and at the same time without embellishment. It's rough and brutal manners of the Vikings and the confrontation of paganism and Christianity, and the bloody rites that were the case the ordinary for the one and the other. Battle scenes are set realistically-without excessive scale, which is so fond of some viewers, unnatural acrobatics fighting and rivers of fake blood.nnThe figure speaks volumes - the first season cost the creators about $ 40 million. Therefore, the authors of "the Vikings" and the costumes are not saved, and sea scenes were shot exclusively on location. All this, plus a dynamic script and quality acting provided a strong historical Thriller that looks at one go.

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