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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
At the Peach Tree Memorial hospital starting to happen, strange, and previously unknown to science incident. Patients who enter the hospital begin to fall into a coma during operations. Even the simplest surgical intervention leads to terrible consequences. Hospital management can not cope with the mysterious misfortune and all fallen into a coma, sent to the research center to find out the reasons. Susan Wheeler is a medical student who has an internship at this hospital. Faced with mysterious complications in patients, and an attempt to turn a blind eye to what is happening to the hospital management, she begins her own investigation. But in the search for the truth, Susan was confronted, first with misunderstandings from fellow students and hospital staff, and then with the pressure and obstacles created by the hospital administration and the Board of Trustees. Doctors and medical staff who help the girl in the investigation, persecuted at work, fired and even killed. But difficulties only spurred Susan, she understands that goes in the right direction. Gradually Susan begins to learn the terrible truth about the hospital, about the frauds and dark Affairs occurring within its walls with the knowledge of influential people in Council.

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