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Original Title: Con Man
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: Vimeo
Creators: Alan Tudyk
Language: English
Description: The plot of the Comedy television series"Conman" tells the story of a not very successful actor named ray, Nearly. About ten years ago, he played the role of a spaceship pilot in a cult serial blockbuster called spectrum. But despite the huge success, soon after the release of the series on the screens of the creators for unknown reasons, decided to close the project prematurely, which of course caused great dissatisfaction among fans of the TV project. Since then, much time has passed, but the curse kosmeetika still haunts ray, because to all others he remained the pilot of the ship. From year to year, the main character attends all sorts of festivals like Comic Con, to splash in the rays, though small, but still fame. Rei as if stuck in his old role, but does everything possible to get out of it and again to show the world his acting skills. He wants to be chased everywhere by crowds of fans, and his name was on everyone's lips, as in the case of Jack, who became the only person from the entire cast of"spectrum", who, thanks to his role received star status…

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