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Original Title: Cops
Channel: FOX,Spike,Paramount Network
Creators: John Langley,Malcolm Barbour
Language: English
Description: Filmed over half a century ago, the classic British horror "hotel horror" and today is able to impress the audience oppressive atmosphere shrouded in fog dead city, where there is eternal evil. This black-and-white picture is made without the use of computer graphics, the shooting took place in stage scenery, however, it turned out even more interesting and entertaining than many modern horror films. Are you ready to look into the eyes of this fear? Welcome to the sinister town Vaytvud, where in 1692 a witch was burned alive. Before his execution, she signed a contract with the devil, he gave her immortality in exchange for this witch destined to do evil and bring annual human sacrifice. This legend told in a lecture to his students a history professor Alan Driscoll. Nan Barlow writes a term of witches and the occult, she is very interested in the topic. Professor himself hails from Vaytvuda, he advised the girl to go there to learn the material on the site.

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