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Original Title: Covert Affairs
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: USA Network
Creators: Matt Corman,Chris Ord
Language: English
Description: During the French revolution, while the monarch was overthrown, freedom of speech and equality began to flourish in the streets. But, thanks to the numerous executions of persons from noble families, civilized society rebelled against the Jacobins. Bonaparte became the head of the rebellious nation,where there was no order. Thanks to the person of small growth with Corsica, managed to form an army for the further conquest of the world. On the way to world supremacy in the first place was Austria. The commanders of this country decided wisely that they would not be able to resist an army that surpassed their country. But, at this time, the Emperor of Russia made a deal to fight the superior forces. It is encouraging that there is no defeat. During the reception at the Duchess, here comes a worthless illegitimate son Bezukhov. In the controversy, he announced that he supported Napoleon, which caused resentment among the elite. Naturally, nobles do not understand the meaning of the French revolution, as it destroys the established laws and empties the coffers. Despite this, the support of Andrei Bolkonsky contributes. After that, the speaker is interrupted by cheers of delight.

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