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  • Drama
In one American family, surrounded by three sisters and a mother grows a boy named Wyatt Bernstein. He misses the company of men, and terribly tired of all these girly pink stuff. Even on his twelfth birthday sisters brought him to the doll shop. Fortunately, the store was a machine on which you can construct a toy and carry it with you. Angry at the sisters Wyatt modeled on this device a kind of purple creature that could be played "like a man": break, destroy, fight and rage. When Wyatt brought a box home from the store, then it broke speaking purple man with disgusting manners and willingness to fool around. Wyatt's mother, which is already difficult to raise one of four children, of course not happy with such a destroyer in the company of his son. But Wyatt is so happy to have a new friend, and just the way he wanted it, mom relented and let him go. Purple destroyer introduced himself as the Crash and immediately began to restore order in their new home. And then he met his first love, a beautiful doll-Princess, such a mysterious and silent Glitter. Crash sees how depressing Wyatt is in the family and gets to work. He wants to defend the right of a teenager to a separate room and privacy in the house ruled by girls.

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