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The guy dreamed that he would really be able to establish his personal life. However, no matter how he tried he did not work and at some point he does not stand up and understands that it is worth thinking about returning to his parents ' home. From one thought from this hero already became not on itself. After all, the relationship with his parents have always been quite tense, and all attempts to somehow fix it did not lead to anything. However, when there is no choice, and life still can not be established, the only way seems to try to start from the beginning.
except that on returning home the guy didn't even think about that though as-that to avoid past mistakes. Moreover, it seemed that he did not consider them as such and continues to do the same as before. After some time, he decides that he needs to open a business, it should be based on the fact that the man most like. Well, who would have thought that it would be raccoons! Parents do not understand this approach to business and are trying to dissuade the guy, and the sister does not share his similar hobby. This means that he is waiting for another war in which he intends to emerge victorious.

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