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Original Title: Crisis in Six Scenes
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: Amazon
Creators: Woody Allen
Language: English
Description: Action Comedy series takes place in the United States in the early sixties of the XX century. In the center of the plot is Sid Munzinger-a modest pensioner from new York, who wrote advertising texts in the past. Tired of this kind of activity, Sid decides to become famous as a writer, thinking of writing a serious literary work or script for some series. Living with his wife Kay in the suburbs, our hero, locked in his own cozy little world, trying to escape from reality, turning a blind eye to student protests against the Vietnam war, the growing police brutality and the emerging culture of hippies. But soon the quiet conservative world of our heroes with a Bang explodes in connection with the arrival of them lenny, a young rebel, a desperate anarchist and a fugitive violator of law and order, who decided to visit them. The thing is that in the past parents lenny had a Key and all assistance, and now the elderly simply been rude to refuse had fallen as snow on the head girl. Deciding later to hint to an uninvited guest that she is not very happy here, our heroes do not have time to do it, falling under the"devil's charm" rebellious thoughts about the justice of the great ideas of Castro and Che Guevara. Very soon, a quiet and cozy house of old people turns into a boiling life revolutionary cell.

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