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Original Title: Criss Angel Mindfreak
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: USA Network
Creators: Criss Angel
Language: English
Description: The main character of serial film online the Preacher is a man named Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), he is a preacher of a small town in Texas - Annabella. Jesse, against their will, were completely obsessed with one otherworldly creature, which in the people name"Genesis" is the result of when a demon with angelic creatures. And here is"Genesis" - this being, in which there is simultaneously two quality, this as fully negative, so and highly positive. Jesse caster's obsession led him to the death of absolutely all his flock, and in this regard, our hero decides to go on a trip to the United States to literally – to find God, and find out the secret of its inhabitants, which brings him a lot of problems. Briefly about the main characters of the series: Jesse caster (Dominic Cooper) — a bankrupt preacher from Texas provincial town, who lost his flock. Obsessed with finding God incarnate. Tulip O'hara (Ruth Negga) — a former girlfriend caster, armed and ready to shoot. Cassidy (Joseph Gilgan) — Irish, and all Irish are drunk, and also the vampire is a loner and the other a preacher. Emily Woodrow (Lucy Griffiths) is a single mother, a multi —woman who is able to combine the position of an organist in the Church with the work of a waitress. Helps The Caster. Sheriff Hugo Ruth (W. Earl brown) — all suspects conspiracy, boorish, but not quite stupid. Have father Eugene Ruta, Assface. Deblank (Anatol Yusef) and Fior (Tom Brooke) — a couple of Adephi angels, spying on a mix of an angel and demon named Genesis. Donnie Schneck (Derek Wilson) is a bully and thug who finds his calling in constant bickering by a preacher, but regularly attends services. Eugene Ruth Zhopolitsiy (Ian Colletti) is a suicidal man who tried to shoot himself in the face, but remained alive. The offspring of the Sheriff. the < li> of< ul> Should be interesting! Series Preacher 2016 all series can be downloaded for free on our website at any time of the day!

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