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With the events of the previous season is long 6 months. Without Dale, Lichfield's quiet. During this time, he never returned to this British town, staying in Shanghai - here he even tries to establish his business, but at the very beginning of the series will quarrel with the local criminal authority and decides to return to "chief Ken". Returning to the Thompson family, the son of the former dead husband Rachel from another mother again stirs the heart of the girl - her affair with the failed groom Ben has long been over, although they were engaged... 10 seconds until the character has not renounced marriage. With his return here again everything starts to change, though Ken - Rachel's dad - a very happy return of the son cook. Moreover, Lorna is in her last month of pregnancy, also very happy, although for the daughter she is sure that once Dale returned, the air already smells like love, because the best pair for Rachel she can't see. Dylan's interested in nothing at all - he's preparing to leave, finally, to University, to get away from that family. And in that moment, Lorna makes an unexpected proposal to her husband, saying that he would do well to take "paternity leave" to after the baby is born she could go back to work...

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