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Original Title: Damages
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: FX
Creators: Allen Coulter,Todd A. Kessler,Glenn Kessler
Language: English
Description: Youth series"Riverdale" is based on comic books about Archie, which began to appear in 1995, authored by Bob Montana. The main character of the series is Archie. Archie – gay guy high school student, who is studying at a local school of the town of Riverdale. Archie's eternal companions are two girls - his neighbor Betty and a capricious and very whimsical brunette, with the same whimsical name Veronica. The subject of the series is the daily life of teenagers in a provincial town-the guys are studying at a local school, looking for all sorts of entertainment, sometimes find themselves in unpleasant or funny scrapes. It is clear that it is not without love twists and turns. Among the merry trio of the main characters of"Riverdale", of course there is the notorious love triangle, with all the ensuing consequences – resentment, jealousy, reconciliation, kisses, in short all the things that makes life and relationships emotions and experiences, leads to funny moments or adventures. One day, out of boredom and nothing to do, the heroes of the series decided to have fun in order to observe the hidden life of the citizens, which is filled with different secrets. Along with the students, another character of the new series is the provincial town itself - it is a fictional city, somewhere in the heartland of America-a collective image of all the standard cities of this country. Riverdale is a medium-sized city, perhaps a suburb of a larger metropolis, it has everything in any provincial city – shopping centers, restaurants, parks and a river with a beach, and most importantly a friendly and unpretentious local population. It is even suggested that the prototype of this city is Haverhill in Massachusetts-the hometown of the Creator of the comic book about Archie Bob Montana. At least, an exact copy of the sculpture"Thinker" Auguste Rodin, which is installed in front of the Riverdale high school, there is a high school Haverhill. Places in Riverdale where all the adventures of heroes take place: Riverdale High school. I study here Archie and his friends. The school has many classrooms, a chemical laboratory, the principal's office, the editorial office of the school newspaper, there is a cafeteria and even a stadium. So Archie co-mates have a place to turn around. Tate Choklit's Pop shop is a shop that sells soda. It is clear that there will not be pushed from tinajeros, so Archie and friends go there quite often. Pickens Park is a public Park named after the civil war hero Pickens, who never really existed. But for the education of the younger generation, each town should have its own hero, albeit fictitious. Mansion"House" - a luxurious and very large house of wealthy parents Veronica Lodge, one of Archie's girlfriends, where she lives with her father and mother. City beach, where Archie and his company spend most of their free time in the summer. Riverdale alley is a street where all the entertainment places and shops of The city are located, a favorite place for girls who love shopping and entertainment. the < li>< ul> Riverdale Series-season 1, 2017 all episodes free download in HD720 it is possible at us on site at any time of the day!

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