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Original Title: Dancing with the Stars
  • Genres:
  • Family
Channel: ABC
Language: English
Description: Season 2 criminal-drama television series takes viewers back to the vibrant beaches of Miami, talking about how the hotel business was in these places at the beginning of 50th years of the last century. But it's not so much about the business, how much corruption, illegal transactions, personal intrigues of the main characters of the series "City of Dreams" sexual relations, political games officials and law - affected all threads that form the business for his scenes. The storyline starts at the same moment when the final episode ended with the last part. The main hero is still Ike Evans - man of Jewish descent, who passed a difficult path to become the manager of the hotel "Miramar". It is through this had time to become famous buildings in the narrow circles of the hero and trying to implement their own American dream. man recently widowed, but now found a new love - the second wife Vera. Together they are raising two sons - Steve and Danny - and 13-year-old daughter Taylor ...

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