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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Familiarity with the white hero occurred in 1980. And again he is returning on screens. As before, furry creature wearing a black pirate's eye patch over one eye. And, of course, it is still difficult for small gritonika, and a special agent. He represents the interests of a secret organization that has been fighting evil for more than three decades. All the forces, free time and abilities of the brave mouse directs to help those in trouble. The years were not lost in vain. Many criminals are in prison, most plans did not come true. But the main character has not lost the desire to fight the scoundrels and restore justice. Dangerous little mouse works not one. He acts together with an excellent partner – a hamster named Ernest Penfold. However, this rodent is rather attract trouble, and the courage he would gain. However, you can rely on him, he will help out a friend in a difficult moment. The brave team is headed by Colonel K. in his face, the heroes have acquired a strict but fair chief, who by all means helps the brave in the fight against evil. The heroes will have to meet new villains, visit various scrapes, solve many puzzles and avoid clever traps.