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Original Title: Dawn of the Croods
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Family
Channel: Netflix
Creators: Senja jingga
Language: English
Description: The series "the Eighth sense" tells the story of several people who were absolutely not connected with each other. They are scattered in different parts of the globe and can not even assume the existence of each other. But suddenly for each other they begin to see unusual dreams that will soon change their lives forever. Initially, the assumption was only that they have a mental disorder or brain fog. But after a while they will realize that they are one and they need to unite.Now is huge for them once the world becomes small and possible to communicate with each other. They could not control their abilities for a long time, but thanks to hard training, they quickly coped and took everything into their own hands. They quickly get used to its unusual especially of reason. But the most difficult thing is to hide your gift from others, and in the end it becomes known to a group of people who immediately begin to hunt them. Are they able to deal with everything that is happening and escape from the threat that now follows them? this series was invented by the Wachowski sisters, who were directly associated with the creation of the legendary "Matrix", which left a huge contribution to the appearance of modern cinema. This series was another proof and a great indicator of their talent, who are ready to create and implement their ideas.

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