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Original Title: Deadliest Catch
Channel: Discovery
Creators: Thom Beers
Language: English
Description: The life of an ordinary girl living in a provincial town is not particularly filled with bright moments. Especially if she's not the most popular student in school. Obedient quiet Clary Frey was looking forward to when she graduated from school, would become an adult and be able to leave their homes. But, instead of implementing these plans, on her 18th birthday she learns an interesting secret about herself. It turns out that inconspicuous Clary is a descendant of an ancient clan called Twilight Hunters. All members of the genus are half-blood human angels. Their mission on Earth is to protect ordinary people from demons and other dark creatures. Soon after the birthday, the mother of the main character disappears. Given, that she learned in recent days, girl has hit on, whose hands deal. She's going to find the missing one. To do this, she takes an assistant of his friend and one of the twilight hunters, Jason, who have much to teach. Finding the trail, Clary continued the search and not noticed as was trapped. She was alone in a parallel reality. Now, not she hunts, and hunt her, and she needs to urgently figure out how to get out of here and free her mother. Will the young heroine cope with all this?

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