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Original Title: Death Note
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Mystery
Channel: NTV
Description: The Japanese anime series Death Note is based on the eponymous manga template that was written by Tsugumi Ôba and drawn by Takeshi Obata. Light Yagami is a highly intelligent and popular student who leads an inconspicuous life in the presence of his comrades. When he finds an equally nondescript notebook one day changed for light everything. When the notebook is the property of the Death God Ryuk. This has left the subject of boredom earthly creatures, waiting for someone to find him.    As Light takes the black book in his possession, he has no idea what power lies within: Everyone whose name is written on one of the sides of the notebook dies shortly thereafter. The only requirement to the writer that he has to imagine the victim's face while making a note exactly. Light knows already how he wants to make the powerful object advantage: He is planning a perfect world - without any crime - with him as ruler.    To realize this utopian dream, he needs the names and faces of the criminals that drive on Earth to mischief, find out and already they are erased from history in an instant. Of the population gets the, unrecognized in public, writer of Death Note nicknamed kite. Only the master detective L is on track lights and tried his machinations to put an end before the boy find his full name and can thus eliminate him.    Main characters of Death Note    Light Yagami is at the beginning of the plot 17 years old and still goes to school. He is a very intelligent boy and always acts deliberately, without ever leave anything to chance. Consequently, he is fully convinced of his morals and values ​​and believes the creation of a perfect world, only to kill all the criminals using the Death Note. Once L, however, interested in his machinations, Light out of control and increasingly loses its good intentions from view to always be one step ahead of his opponent.    L is actually called L. Lawliet and also carries the names Erald Coil and Deneuve. He is one of the best detectives in the world and has created multiple identities to avoid being eventually immortalized by his real name as Death Note. L is a genius and jumps immediately to the case of Kira. He is convinced that the author is the Death Note, a serial killer and tries to overpower him by any means. As it continues its track to Light, L itself is sure to have made the criminal mastermind identified. But that it sets a series of devastating events in motion.    Misa Amane is a model and symbolizes for many people the ideal of a pop icon. By pure chance Misa also come into possession of a notebook in which they can enter the infamous Death Notes. By an incident she met Kira and supported him then, although she is not as smart as he is. A circumstance that brings the two regularly in trouble and makes it easier for L to take up their trail. After Misa has figured out who is Kira in reality, she falls in love with Light. Moreover, Misa received a fateful exchange with the god of death.    Background information on Death Note    Based in the history of Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, the anime series Death Note first aired between October 3, 2006 and and June 26 of 2007. This broadcast was carried out as part of a season with a total of 37 episodes each having a run length of approximately 25 minutes. In addition to the TV series of three live action films exist: Death Note (2006), Death Note: The Last Name (2006) and Death Note - L change the World (2008). (MH)

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