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Original Title: Detectorists
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: BBC Four
Creators: Mackenzie Crook
Language: English
Description: Everyone knows that when criminals break into a person's house, it is the owner of the house who is afraid, not the robbers. But in the situation with the main characters is not so. The thing is, Anna suffers from certain mental illnesses. In appearance it is possible to tell that girl, to put it mildly, unbalanced, but those who know her, know that sometimes with the main character happen some strange things. Most of all the girl suffers from agoraphobia. This disease is due to the fact that the heroine can not safely walk down the street – open space terrifies her, so all the time she spends exclusively in the walls of his house. The house is a secure fortress for Anya where her nobody will ever be able to disturb. So the heroine thought before.Suddenly, criminals break into the girl's house, and it would seem that it would be impossible to just jump out and escape. But in open area it is located cannot. Along with this, begin to manifest other mental disorders in the heroine due to the occurrence of such a stressful situation. The robbers don't know whose house they broke into yet.

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