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The plot of the story is quite traditional - receiving a priest's daughter (some religion never hurts, right?) Moves in connection with the departure of his father in a rather cute, but very neglected castle, fairly has seen in my lifetime. It is natural that such an attractive house could not be free of tenants. Yu Komori (namely the so-called the main character) in addition to the house gets six brothers who, as befits a young handsome men living in an old mansion, are hungry for interesting society, and fresh blood vampires. Yu warmly welcomed into their company, the brothers offer her joint visit Rotey - elite school for students is not quite normal. Night classes with a bias in the supernatural? So even more interesting! By the way, undead brothers were quite a nice - and farm-they, and music, light - his words are never at a loss, and Ayato - Entertainer ... So when Yu learns about some strange eating habits of their friends - no turning back, and not very much and want. After all, there is a tempting prospect to find out the secret of his birth, still carefully hidden pope, priest. Not without its romance - one of the brothers to become beloved Yu. But who?

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