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The Kuhflüsterin plays in Upper Breitbach, an idyllic town where Belinda Mommsen is at home. As animal healer she earns her livelihood and is furthermore known as Kuhflüsterin in the area. Not least Belinda has a special gift: Rarely has a sick animal laid their hands, they can ability to sense the suffering and save it in an instant from this. But not only the problems of animals awaken Belinda's interest. No, especially the gossip, the day after day doing the rounds in Upper Breitbach, one of Belinda's favorite pastimes. To like it interferes in the affairs of other people to satisfy their curiosity. While it can solve the problems of people in the same way as it does in animals.    The main characters of Kuhflüsterin    Belinda Mommsen (Cordula Stratmann) is a determined woman who works as an animal healer and a special ability has: Once animals (or people) hangs up his hand, they can recognize their problems and solve them.    Edith Merkes (Sabine Lorenz) can not stand Belinda and her way of death. Edith works for the clerk's office of Upper Breitbach and tries to use every opportunity to wipe Belinda one.    Thommy Mommsen (Patrick Mölleken) is Belinda's son and about to leave his childhood behind. The older he gets, the stronger the desire to blow with the au pair girl Jill growing in it.    Jill Cinnamon (Amrei Haardt) came as an au pair girl to Upper Breitbach and got to know Thommy. Together, the two a lot of time spent and ultimately immortal love with each other.    Winnes Wöllner (Simon Böer) turns out to be Belinda's new neighbor, who lives in Upper Breitbach only recently. Although he seems very suspicious at first glance, Belinda has to admit that she finds the young man quite charming. (MH)

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