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The program with the mouse is a German children's series, which is produced on behalf of the ARD since 1,971th At the center of the format are laughter and factual stories, speak in alternating rhythm short cartoons and sketches supplemented with documentary contributions, where the focus is on the transfer of knowledge. It goes into the Sachgeschichten primarily concerned to explain different situations and to show concrete examples of how the world works.    How does electricity get into the socket? Why is the sky blue? And why is a piece of string? All these questions will be rolled out as part of the program graphically with the mouse for children, so that in each case an enrichment of general knowledge vonstattengeht. gained particular attention to a nine-part article from 1999. Here the complex history of an Airbus A321 of the construction has been documented in great detail to commissioning.    turn the funny stories form a counterpoint to the previously transported content found in the fictional adventures of all stripes their way into the children's program. Among the best known representatives include brief episodes of The Little Mole, Barnaby Bear, The Hare and the lazy foresters, Nulli and Priesemut, Captain Bluebeard and more recently Shaun the Sheep.    Main characters of the show with the mouse    The moderation team of the program with the mouse currently consists of four persons. Armin Maiwald accompanied the series since its premiere in 1971, Christoph Biemann is him since 1983 as the right hand side. In addition, added Ralph Caspers 1999 the duo to a trio since 2012 and brings Malin Büttner the first woman to breathe new life into the men round. In addition, there are three other main characters that occur regularly in trenchant clips between the posts. Of course, there is the titular mouse, and the little elephant and yellow duck. All are equipped with distinctive characteristics and complement each other.    Background information on the program with the mouse    The first episode of the show with the mouse celebrated its premiere on March 7 1971st Since then, the children's series is aired every Sunday at 11:30 on ARD and on KiKA. The format is a co-production of ARD, WDR, RBB, SR and SWR. The episodes last about 30 minutes and combine elements of science programs with those of entertainment programs. Each episode consists of three recurring elements: Tangible history, the funny stories and the so-called mouse spots as animated reconciliation.    In particular latter skits have long received entry into the (German) pop culture and enjoy cult status. So For example, decorated with a picture of the mouse the rear of the Airbus A321 D-AIRY Flensburg and astronaut Alexander Gerst hijacked the mouse as a stuffed animal in 2014 in the expedition to the ISS to the far reaches of outer space. has also set the Ask's that for the mouse! become a household word in the German language.    The opening and closing credits music composed by Hans Posegga is an indispensable part of the German television history. In addition, the program with the mouse, there are a number of special editions and offshoot of the format. This includes library of factual stories, Mouse Club, cooking with the mouse, elefantierisch !, The show with the elephant, and cloud cuckoo land. The latter two programs focus their attention on a target audience that corresponds to the age of preschoolers. (MH)

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