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The focus of the story of the city and the power to lawyer Susanne Kröhmer, which has enjoyed a meteoric rise in recent years is. Now it is time to plan the rest of their lives. This also includes the delicate subject of family planning with the significant other. But Susanne is confident that it is facing a bright future in the heart of Berlin - at least until that day when she gets the chance to stand as a candidate in the upcoming mayoral election in the city.    As Susanne loves a challenge, it does not take long to make a decision. A short time later, she goes as a woman in the maw of politics, that is a world that is largely dominated by men. And that one of these men is Susanne quickly undoing, namely her own father. Is group leader of the Conservatives and is in close contact with the incumbent mayor who wants to be reluctant to cede his post to a successor, and certainly not to a successor.    In addition, Susanne finds with her childhood friend Alex, who works as a journalist, discovered that her own father hides a dark secret - not to mention the current lies that come to preserve his status from his mouth. Suddenly Susan is caught in the middle of a political power struggle and must decide on his side.    Main characters of the city and the power    Susanne Kröhmer (Anna Loos) lives in a committed relationship and has got off to the bar a brilliant career. Now she has finally got the chance to live the life of which she has always dreamed of. But then she is confronted with the policy and the shady machinations of her father.    Karl-Heinz Kröhmer (Thomas Thieme) is Susan's father and a ruthless politician who prefers acts as a power broker in the background. Here, Karl-Heinz itself is very aware that he transgresses certain limits and this must continue to transgress, if he wants to get involved in the future of vorderster front. (MH)

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