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Original Title: Die Wicherts von nebenan
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Family
Channel: ZDF
Creators: Justus Pfaue
Description: The life of a successful psychologist David Callaway makes a turn for the worse overnight. His wife has fun playing hide and seek with her daughter Emily, kisses her on the forehead and goes to take a bath. While David is asleep, the wife commits suicide in a large number of aromatic candles. Emily and David are her there later, that little child was very strong blow. Concerned about the future health of Emily, David bought a luxury home in a small town in upstate New York. There, he plans to devote all his time daughter. Although family therapist warned David that this is not the best idea. And indeed, things went awry after a change of scenery. Emily begins to dress up as a member of the Addams Family, as well as talk about an imaginary friend named "Charlie." Charlie - a naughty guy who likes to drown cats in the bathroom of his house than scares people. Who or what is Charlie - becomes the main issue of the film. The whole storyline is lined up for a single minute at the end of the movie, which turns everything upside down. This is a known director's trick - to keep the viewer's interest and in suspense the whole movie and then "explode" out. Admission great implemented in the "game of hide and seek", rejecting all of the potential audience guessing.

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