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Original Title: Diesel Brothers
Channel: Discovery
Language: English
Description: Normally his father's house - a corner where anyone can count on. But his parents' home for the main character of the movie "The visit" has become a living hell on Earth. girls childhood passed like a fairy tale: she was an only child, so all the attention and love just battered her. But one incident has fundamentally changed the entire life of the protagonist. At one point the baby started to notice that something is going on with her family, but what she did not understand, and this is extremely alarming. One night, the heroine had to flee their homes. There began to happen something strange and terrible, and my parents were trying to kill her. Since then, the girl ran away from home, it took many years. Now she herself has children. The woman had already begun to forget about the terrible past, but a letter from his parents reminded everything until the last moment. In this message grandparents urged to bring their grandchildren. The children did not know about the story and wanted to meet with his family. But as soon as the brother and sister were in this place, we began to occur unexplained things. She understands that made a big mistake, but whether it will now be able to fix everything?

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