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Original Title: Dino Dana
Creators: J.J. Johnson
Language: English
Description: Here is an interesting project, which tells about the adventures of a young and pretty girl named Dana, who loves paleontology and all that is connected with this science. The heroine reads a lot of books that tell about dinosaurs and their ancestors, and then imagine how these enormous creatures could look like and how they lived on our planet. Unexpectedly for itself Dan discovers in his city real live dinosaurs. Here is the meeting! Girl believe it can not, because her dream - a meeting with the dinosaurs, could become a reality. The girl is ready to go on an unforgettable journey into Jurassic Park, arranged directly in the backyard of her house. It seems that to get in touch with some of the ancient fauna of time will not be easy, but Dan does not lose hope to study more closely the amazing creatures. This multi-part project - not just a cool story about a schoolgirl who is interested in paleontology, but also a tremendous scientific and popular story about animals that lived on our planet before humans. All fans of similar subjects - welcome and a pleasant view.

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