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In the human world is full of various mysteries and mysteries, which are only partially preserved on land. Most of the truly valuable findings are stored on the deep bottom of rivers, oceans and lakes, and they will have to explore the brave submariners who have devoted their lives to diving and investigating the causes of flooding of ships, the loss of valuable relics and other significant events.Brave boys and girls sink to the bottom of the oceans, showing the audience the amazing scenery of long-sunken ships and submarines. The heroes will visit many interesting places: explore the world-famous Ghost ship, visit the fascinating cemetery of ships, go in search of sunken and never used atomic bombs. It is hard to believe that this could happen, but the modern world will present to mankind a lot of surprises, and not every one of them will be good.An excellent detective series for documentary film lovers will allow you to enjoy a fascinating journey to the most remote corners of the planet, where people do not dare to penetrate. But brave heroes, risking health and life, will provide an answer to many age-old questions.