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Original Title: Dollhouse
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: FOX
Creators: Joss Whedon
Language: English
Description: There is a special period in life when everything is done with special passion, emotions and love. It was during this period that the heart of the young man is most open to experimentation, sincerity and inspiration. The most difficult task is carried out with enthusiasm and belief in the forthcoming success and the most interesting that this belief is most often justified. This magical period is called youth and if a teenager has time to give his all at this time, it is possible to congratulate him, because he himself has prepared semi-finished products for the future of a successful dish of a wealthy and influential person. the < div> the Main character of the Comedy anime series"Stella's Magic" season 1 online, just the type of preparer successful future. The girl who went to high school realized that her comrades were wasting their valuable time on all sorts of stupid mugs for show and endlessly go to Tutors to pull up unloved items. Tamaki began to look for something that goes beyond ordinary teenage things and has unique characteristics. The search lasted for a short time, because the development of video games, sounds super cool, boyish and Mature. No matter what this non-trivial circle includes four custom girl, gone head first into the world programmatic, ignoring the standard girly fun. These rare female representatives do not care about fashion, make-up and other women's nonsense, because it is much more exciting to make another Abracadabra of numbers and letters, named among programmers code. Tamaki delighted, because that's exactly what it intolerable to the ordinary soul so desired. Together with the new, stand out from the school one-faced crowd, girlfriends, the girl is charged with an awesome idea to release their own video game, and each of them realizes that he will not stop until their child sees the world and finds his faithful admirers. Anime Magic Stella 1-11 series you can download for free on our website from 16.12.2016!

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