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Original Title: Don Matteo
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Family
Channel: Rai 1
Creators: Enrico Oldoini
Description: Events extraordinary films take us to London in 1975. The game's story is of a young man by the name of Robert J. Lang. Get promoted and larger increase in pay, Dr. Lang moved into a new apartment, not even knowing how much then will change his life. Magnificent skyscraper, built in an unusual style, wins the main character, which at first sight falls in love with the building and its exterior serenity. However, in reality things are much more complicated: with the mind quiet building harbors for their scheming walls that gradually make the residents of the upper and lower floors of the real enemies. About all this, Robert learns gradually, getting acquainted with the neighbors. But a full revelation to him becoming acquainted with two people: architect of the house, Anthony Royale and an inhabitant of one of the lower floors - Richard Wilder, trying to make a documentary about the social hostility and confrontation between classes. The basis for the relationship he takes home residents, among which can be found as a starving unemployed and languishing in the luxury of the rich. Voltage is amplified after hours of unplanned outages, and only on the lower floors, which leads their inhabitants into a rage. Against this background, Robert is necessary to choose for themselves what problems closer to him: interruptions in the supply of electricity or salty red caviar?

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