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Original Title: Dororo
Language: English
Description: What people do not only go for the sake of power and superiority over others. The focus of the new anime story is a sad story about the fate of the child, be unnecessary own father. His father - the leader of the samurai detachment, the man who always wanted to be the first on the battlefield and to mow down enemies in droves troops, the hordes. To achieve total superiority on the battlefield, the man refers to demons, which is negotiating a deal: he will give representatives of hell organs of a newborn child, and those endowed him with incredible strength and support during battles. Forty-eight demons stand in line for the baby's body parts. It would seem that the child has no chance to survive, but a conscientious surgeon aware of this horror, the Samurai saves son after he had already made a deal with the demons. Together cast organs child gets new limbs and body parts. Implants are not the most reliable, but support life of the protagonist. He grows under the strict supervision of a doctor, giving their all to keep the guy in life. The protagonist becomes accustomed to his position and uses implants to their advantage. Already at a young age man practicing martial skills to find and slay forty-eight demons have taken away his organs, and in the end to find his father and take revenge for his betrayal.

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