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Original Title: Dragon Ball Z Kai
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: Fuji TV
Description: Cloudy London. Events taking place in the modern world. History is built around "Lyell" medical center employees, which is headed by Tom Chamberlain. Tom subordinates - the main characters of the series "Silent Witness" - often come to him in a quarrel. But it does not distract them from their core business - of the three forensic team investigates crime scenes in helping the police to obtain important and valuable evidence. It would seem that they are standing on the sidelines, while investigators at a speed rush on the road called "investigation", but in fact, our heroes are able to even give a "head start" detectives - often bandits caught doctors themselves, without recourse to the police. Their contribution to any investigation difficult to overestimate - even the slightest clue found by forensic experts, can change the course of things. The first series of 20 season will be devoted to illegal immigration, with which the heroes encounter, having been instructed to investigate the human finger cut. It will bring young Acre Khoury, confident that it can belong to her own mother. This deals with Dr. Nikki, while Jack Hodgson undertakes investigation suicide Jamal al-Sham. Soon the two cases is something in common - Acre's mother was sold into slavery, and killed Jamal organized trades people on the "black market".

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