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Original Title: Dual Survival
Channel: Discovery
Language: English
Description: The events of the series revolve around a young lacrosse player named Scott McCall. One night he wandered through the woods in search of a corpse and was attacked by a werewolf. He managed to escape with only a small bite. But a little later, he began to notice some changes in himself. So, who do we see: Derek Hale was born a werewolf. He is a brave, courageous, handsome and slightly distrustful guy. There is always something mysterious and attractive in his look and smile. Scott McCall is a kind and sweet guy, but the popularity and success unknown to him, become a werewolf, he will achieve what previously only dreamed of: the received power has made him confident and opened the gates to a new world. Allison Argent is the girl Scott falls in love with, but it soon turns out that her family is werewolf hunters! What will happen next... Stiles Stilinski is Scott's best friend, ready to give up everything for friendship! Jackson Whittmore is the most popular student and captain of the lacrosse school team. It would seem that he has everything, but he wants even more, which leads to trouble! Watch and find out all the details. Time: 42 min. TV Series teen wolf season 3 free download in good quality on our website right now!

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