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People-one of the youngest races, and while the earthlings have just started a long way to the peak of technological progress, other representatives of the vast Universe has already achieved unprecedented success in the development of technology. For a long time, the aliens secretly watched as life on Earth, waiting for the right moment to declare its existence. And then one day, the time finally came.In 2008, the planet Earth from outer space arrives alien spacecraft with representatives of the taelons race on Board. Earthlings receive guests, and they quickly captivate them with their friendliness. Aliens share their highly developed technologies, and all the forces begin to help humanity to deal with all kinds of global problems, such as war, disease and pollution. But not everyone believes in the unselfish help of alien guests, and soon there is a whole movement that opposes the presence of taelons on Earth. And, as it turned out, not in vain!

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