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Original Title: Earth: Final Conflict
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: CTV
Creators: Gene Roddenberry,Majel Barrett
Language: English
Description: Youth is a wonderful age that inspires new discoveries, displays of his talent, exciting travel, as well as love relationships and friendship, which together can bring to the comic series, which is the Theory of the big Bang (season 8), which became a real masterpiece for many of his fans. The Comedy TV series tells about a group of talented physicists, well-known to the viewer since the first seven seasons, which amaze with their actions. Two physicist-botanist: Sheldon and Leonard, in the company of a young and very charming blonde penny, master a difficult science. This funny trio, along with their friends, consider themselves the greatest mind of mankind and are trying to prove it. However, their stand Penny will surprise the audience with a choice, and Leonardo and Sheldon will appear in an even more attractive and comical way. nnTalented guys will have to go through a lot this season: new relationships, disappointments, losses and impeccable achievements that allow them to grow up a little more, but their comic they have not lost, but on the contrary, have become even funnier and more bizarre. In the funny TV series the big Bang Theory (season 8), filmed in the United States, the main roles were performed by Jim Parsons, johnny Galeki, Kaylee cuoco, Kunal Nayeromr and Simon Helberg. Comic genre of the series allows you to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and cheer up for a long time.

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