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Original Title: Eastbound & Down
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: HBO
Creators: Danny McBride,Jody Hill,Ben Best
Language: English
Description: The film Book thief (2014) tells the story of a little orphan girl, for whom books have become the only joy in wartime. This military film is a screen version of the novel by the writer Marcus Zuzak called "Book thief". The action takes place back in April 1938, on the eve of world War II. Behind the scenes, the voice of the angel of Death, and the viewer sees a little liesel, who rides the train with his mother and younger brother, who dies. Now she will have to live in Munich in family adoptive parents Hans and Rosa, because as its mother-Communist threatens the danger. Here the heroine of the war drama Book thief will have to go to school. From the very first day she is accompanied by the neighbor's boy Rudy, because she makes a great impression on him. Here she is waiting for bullying by peers, because liesel does not know how to read, and after learning about it, the adoptive father Hans hurries to teach her this. Since then, books became for her the meaning of life and an outlet, where a girl devotes all their free time. She reads everything she can get her hands on. Liesel's soul is not calm when on the square, during the Nazi ceremony burning, them with Rudy forced to throw into the fire all the books. The author of the book Markus Zuzak based on her film was filmed Thief books (2014), created a rather complex, atypical and lexically rich work, which is already beginning to forget modern literature. This film is, undoubtedly, the spirit in common with other paintings, to raise such a difficult for around the world themes. Suffice it to recall the Boy in the striped pyjamas, the Pianist, pan's Labyrinth and other paintings to understand what it tells the viewer this military drama. There is no direct violation of politics, he does not use social and clumsy techniques, but clearly visible picture of the horrors of the Second World war and the horrors of the Third Reich. Books in this story convey and give meaning to the existence of the main character, because all of its reality is painted in the colors of the Nazi flag. Words from books don't just mean a lot, they mean everything.

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