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Documentary excursion into the history of Egyptology, consisting of a series of mini-films. The first two episodes are a coverage of Howard Carter's activities and his archaeological searches in the early twentieth century. Recent episodes show the discovery and deciphering of the Rosetta stone, in order to reveal the mysteries of the lost civilization and the mysteries that were banned for Europeans before the invasion of Napoleon in 1798.the Project contains the most exciting and amazing sights in combination with an additional set of computer images to fully realize and recreate the atmosphere of the pharaohs. In the first two episodes, the story of the great Tutankhamum, who ascended the throne at the age of 8 years, and symbolized by his name the mission to save the Empire from shocks. Scientists find the mummy of the ruler, for many years engaged in the painful search for the legendary tomb. The third and fourth films tell the story of Giovanni Belzoni, who managed to transport the statue of Ramses the Great and the first to visit the immured temple of Abu Simbel. In total, two buildings were built, which Ramses erected in honor of his life and in memory of his military prowess.The fifth and sixth episodes are dedicated to Champollion, who thanks to his extensive knowledge of languages solved the mystery of reading ancient hieroglyphs, deciphering the mysterious inscriptions. Wanting to understand the ancient Egyptians, he learns the true story of Ramses the Great and reads about the fight against the Hittites in Kadesh.

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