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The German political satire Eichwald, MP is by Hans-Josef Eichwald, which is usually just called Hajo and works as a member of the German Bundestag. Clarified he stirred for 30 years in the pot politics. but now he can not really get into it, to represent the interests of their own people themselves. Together with his team, composed of Julia, Berndt and Sebastian, he has switched to autopilot and sit the remaining time until retirement from. But then threatens Hajo losing his direct mandate, as Uwe Bornsen (Robert Schupp), a much younger and more ambitious party colleague, making him the supremacy dispute - not to mention the faction leader Birgit Hanke (Maren Kroymann), which from now on every step of Hajo observed.    Main characters of Eichwald, MP    Hans-Josef "Hajo" Eichwald (Bernhard Schütz) is a member of parliament who is just bored with his job and invests no more heart and soul into his work. Only when his position is disputed, he begins to reactivate his old brain cells to save what can be saved.    Sebastian pit (Leon Ullrich) is the only child of two lesbian women who grew up in Munich. He now works as a research assistant in the team of Hajo. He generally keeps preferably on the side of the superiors and of the most promising opinion flexibly adapts accordingly.    Berndt Engemann (Rainer Reiners) has enjoyed an education in a classic working household in the Ruhr. As a speaker he followed Hajo in the state legislature and then the paths of the two have not separated on their political journey. Berndt loves football, watched the scene and knows best where it is when pie in the Bundestag.    Julia Schleicher (Lucie Heinze) is the Hajos office manager and is a sly old dog. No man can resist her. Instead, the male sex must admit that it Julia is superior in all respects. Your assertiveness exceeds that of Hajo in width and otherwise it has its objectives put much higher than their counterparts. (MH)

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