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Original Title: Einstein
  • Genres:
  • Crime
Channel: SAT.1
Description: The second season of the popular series "Einstein" continues the story of Felix Winterberg. He is a distant relative of the famous physicist Albert Einstein. The main character is something inherited from his great-grandfather's genius: a sharp mind, observation and an incredible ability to help the man in the scientific activity. In addition, a man linked to the police and other authorities to help those in the conduct of complex investigations. The activities of the protagonist, as a consultant, is beneficial to all those who worked with him. Of course, Felix is ​​not so simple in life, he has to fight with Huntington's disease, which will not allow a man to live for more than forty years. The main character is trying to do everything possible to to extreme age somehow manage to complete the scientific work and to achieve at least some progress in the investigation of cases. Of course, in Winterberg not have time for some non-essential activities. He tries to spend a minimum of time to sleep, so constantly uses illegal drugs, because of which he could be problems with the law, if it were not cooperating with detectives, who appreciate such a consultant is Winterberg.

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