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Original Title: Elizabeth I
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Channel 4
Language: English
Description: At the beginning of the film, the slogan of which says that any evil can get into our house, we get acquainted with a married couple. At first, the characters of the film "Darkness" may seem like a happy married couple. But gradually we realize that every day Peter Taylor and Armor to face serious obstacles that significantly complicate their lives. He cheats, she drinks, the kids-Stephanie's troubled girl who suffers from anorexia, and Mikey's boy with mental health issues – add to the worries. Soon in the house of the main characters inexplicable events begin to occur, which at first look harmless, and then all are seriously frightened. First, an unpleasant smell appears on the street, wild animals often come to the house, and amazing dark spots of various shapes and sizes appear on the walls. First, parents blame their son for everything, believing that this is his tricks, since the boy's illness is a good enough reason for such suspicions. Moreover, in a short time, Mikey begins to speak to his imaginary friend, which, of course, no one but him sees. Gradually spouses look for rational explanations to everything that occurs in the house and the next district. The apogee of all these phenomena is a spontaneous fire in the children's room of Mikey lights up the wall. Now the mother and father are worried for real, realizing that in their house actually lives someone intangible. Soon the spouses finds out that the reason for the mystical adventures is a souvenir that was captured by the baby during their trip to the Grand Canyon.

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